Sunday, 25 March 2012

Create A Frame Gallery In An Entryway

Create a personal gallery by displaying frames of varying shape and size. Plan the layout of your frames before hanging, either with Kraft paper on the wall or by arranging them on a workspace or floor. Ensure your frame arrangement is horizontally centered on your wall space to create balance.

Achieve the proper balance between your wall space and the frames. Smaller frames have more impact when grouped together; a large frame may stand alone. Place your frames at eye level, usually five feet from the floor. Hang them higher if your room has high ceilings.

To create an interesting gallery effect, visit a local copy center or use your home computer to change favorite color photos to black-and-white or sepia-toned images. Hang frames in both horizontal and vertical orientations to add interest.

For Family Gallery......
For Personal Gallery...... All Frames Shown: Wood Gallery 8"x10"  

For Family Vacation Display......
1. Wood Gallery Oversized 5"x10" 
2. Wood Gallery Oversized 4"x6" 
3. Wood Gallery 9-Opening Multisize 
4. Wood Gallery Oversized 8"x10"
5. Your Favourite Frames Art 

For Gallery Series......
1. Lee Gallery Oversized 8"x10"
2. Lee Gallery Oversized 4"x4"
3. Wood Gallery White 8"x10"